Hubbi works with most desktop and cloud accounting packages

The Dashboard

The Dashboard provides any business with the key metrics/KPIs to help run and manage the business which, being cloud-based, is accessible anywhere, at any time and on any device.

The Dashboard gives you “real time” access to your current P&L, Balance Sheet, cash and key performance ratios that you need to run your business.

You may also be concerned about whether to move your accounting software into the cloud. With Hubbi, you can have the best of both worlds by retaining your desktop accounting package but still having access to your key business information in the cloud.

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Credit Control

Debtor management is often one of the most neglected areas of many companies and yet cash flow is the lifeblood of all businesses. Cash has been, is and always will be King! Hubbi puts you in control.

Hubbi has been set up with a set of email debt chasing templates and a recommended, predefined rules engine to automate the chasing of debts including when to send out the chasing emails and when calls are to be made if payment has not been received. These templates and rules are fully customisable by the user to suit the business and specific customers.

You can access all your individual customer accounts to show detailed aged profile, drill down to access what has happened on the account and add further notes and outcomes from phone calls directly on the account keeping all information in one place.

This puts you firmly in control rather than relying on bits of paper, highlighter pens and your memory!

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Accounting Software Integration

Hubbi links and syncs with most accounting software packages providing you with “real time” information accessible on PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Hubbi is a cloud-based software package providing industry-leading security that fetches data through linking and syncing with most UK accounting software packages.

You can click here to check whether or not we link to your specific accounting software. That said, if it's not on the list, please do Contact Us directly to discuss your requirements, as it may still be possible for us to tailor a solution to meet your needs.

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Powering Visibility

Your Hubbi enables you to share business performance information to internal and external parties.

Internal and external stakeholders can have up to date access to this information either in full or abbreviated format as defined by you. This can provide access for e.g. accountants, banks, CID or trade financiers, VC or equity partners, franchisors, the wider Board of directors, and parent/group companies.

This flexibility will be of significant benefit to businesses and accountancy practices with the onset of Making Tax Digital.

External parties can have their own Dashboard of all the businesses with a Hubbi to view their entire “estate” at a glance (at a nominal additional cost per client.)

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hubbi dashboard

Easy View Graphs

Easy to view graphs and charts to check exactly how your debtors are paying you.

Chase Overdue Payments

With our integrated inbound-outbound email system, you can easily chase down unpaid invoices and track all correspondence in one central location.

Create Tasks & Reminders

Select documents and create a task to 'Phone John Smith' or 'Email Fred Bloggs' for example and set reminders so you'll be notified when the task is due.

Totally Customisable

Automated chaser templates and task scheduling is fully customisable providing you with total control.

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hubbi create task
promise to pay

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